Video: Nxslp – “NightMare”

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“Nxslp is a Hip-Hop/R&B artist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a deeply-grooving style, an eye for fashion, and love for beautiful women and success. Growing up in the urban culture of Philadelphia influenced his early love of music in the best possible way. Nsxlp began his journey as a producer but began writing his own flows, found his passion, and is now a fully-developed artist in his own right. His latest release, “NightMare”, is available on all major streaming platforms and is a perfect showcase for Nxslp’s unique sound and late-night vibe with his edgy love for high end fashion.

Nxslp creates music with substance that has the power to resonate with a diverse audience. He takes inspiration from Drake, Aaliyah, Future, and Cam’ron but displays his own formidable artistry that keeps him in his own zone at all times. He writes from personal experience and has a smooth, melodic approach that gives him huge crossover potential. As a Latino, he stands out in the Urban Music market and this helps him bring a versatile image to everything he does. Nxslp blends a luxurious lifestyle with his own complex perceptions of love, struggle, and success into music strong enough to reach listeners around the globe.”

Watch, “Nightmare,” below!

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