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  • TunnelVision Takes Basel

    TunnelVision and NoirBNB have partnered together to interactively showcase Black Contemporary Art at Art Basel Miami. Titled “As Is” this art experience will be the first ever at Art Basel to feature all contemporary black artists, bringing a unique perspective to a renowned, international art fair. As “As Is” is the first of its kind, […]

  • Geminelle – “Flawed” Video (New)

    Musician and creative Geminelle Rollins, has released an awesome new visual for her single “Flawed“. After a month of reoccurring lucid dreams, Geminelle knew she had to turn her thoughts into something greater. It was not until she completed “Flawed” that her vivid dreams stopped and she accepted who she truly is. In this video […]

  • James Malone: Brains Behind TunnelVision

      James Malone a San Diego, California creative has created a platform for African American contemporary artists to gain more exposure while positively perfecting their craft. Growing up in a household rooted in black pride, Malone learned at an early age the importance of African American culture and history, as well as the importance of […]