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  • Video: Meka Jackson – “Hoolies In Matrix”

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    Meka Jackson, shares jarring, yet liberating new music video, “Hoolies In Matrix.” With his latest Chris Rich Beats-produced single, “Hoolies in the Matrix,” Meka Jackson offers listeners an abrasive reminder of the real systems of oppression we are up against, encouraging viewers to seek knowledge for ourselves and not mindlessly absorb what televisions and the internet presents […]

  • Video: Ed Dolo Ft. ft. Bankroll Freddie- “Hot”

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    Upcoming Arkansas rapper Ed Dolo releases his latest single “Hot” feat. Bankroll Freddie. T he Helena, Ark. native has been making waves within the past year while building an impressive catalog of Trap revelations and southern bangers. He recently released his second project of 2020,  “90 Days Before the Deal”. He recently received mentorship from QC co-founder […]

  • Video: J Neat Ft. Slime X Swishh – “Drift & Slide”

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    J Neat hails from the northside Jane and Finch community in Toronto, Canada. His parents are originally from Jamaica and New Jersey, USA. J Neat has been making music since junior high school but it wasn’t until high school J Neat started to take it to the next level. Now at the ripe age of […]

  • Video: Knew Felony Ft. Phresher – “Jump’N Jack”

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    Hailing from the Bronx, New York rapper and budding music mogul  Knew Felony is building a solid fan base in his hometown of NYC and beyond. The music maverick delivers vivid lyrics and smooth flows over stellar production. His skillful wordplay and witty metaphors paint precise pictures. And his cadence and penmanship are top-notch. He […]