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  • Mixtape: AyoB – “ditUSA,mia”

    LA representer, AyoB, drops off his newest project titled, ditUSA,mia – stream it via Spotify below! LINK:https://open.spotify.com/album/7eu4nmIRBTuwfWDfuKvM5U?si=klcCS-SoSvuGnHGpDTRLJQ Twitter:  @AyoB_Official

  • Junior 217 ‘Open Bars’ Mixtape (NEW)

    Springfield Illinois artist Junior 217 has released a banging new mixtape titled Open Bars. As a writer, rapper and producer, Junior is putting his dreams into full throttle. This eleven-track masterpiece is a must listen! One thing that stands out the most about this release, is the superb production. On the song “Extra Credit” produced […]

  • NEW: KVR – Insert Coin(s)

    Kentucky artist/producer KVR has released a dope, new project titled Insert Coin(s).  Produced by ALX Complex, this 4-track masterpiece is some of KVR’s best work to date! The standout record on this release is “Mama(s)ita” the outro track, which really conveys KVR’s his lyrical content. A memorable line from this song is “Don’t gas me […]

  • Album: Wyze – “Poseidon”

    Poseidon is an eleven track album consisting of all original beats, and completely written and recorded by Wyze. With calming sounds from the ocean, blended with wavy production from the likes of PMCK Studios, Blasian Beats, and D Dilla – Wyze does an excellent job of sonically reincarnating the greek God of the Sea; Poseidon. […]