Articles Posted May 2020

  • #StreetzIsWatchin: Armoney Rose Introduces R&B and Hip-Hop for the Soul

    Armoney Rose, born Quinntez Banks, is a 29-year-old singer/rapper solidifying his name in each avenue of the music industry through the release of his genuine sound and lyrics. His latest hit, “Chicken Dinner,” was produced by top Detroit producer Helluva, and racked up thousands of views and streams. Armoney was nominated for a Detroit Music […]

  • StreetzIsWatchin: Get To Know East Coast Artist Xxtreme Beatz

    What is your name and what city do you rep?  “Xxtreme Beatz, and I rep Springfield, Massachusetts.” Tell us about your latest releases, what inspired you to create them?  “Well honestly everything that I’ve got released is old, some are incomplete. I’m inspired as far as creating goes is the music in all aspects is […]

  • Music: Deezy Cascone – “Tear Me Away”

    Rising artist, Deezy Cascone, returns with a new hit single titled, “Take Me Away.” The new single from Deezy Cascone is more passionate effort from the rapper explaining his stance to his opposition. Check it out below! Instagram: @deezy_cascone

  • Music: Tuu Ra – “Feel Right”

    New York artist, Tuu Ra, stops by to share his newest single, “Feel Right.” “This song, ” Feel Right,” is a dancehall tune dedicated to the ladies. It is my second dancehall release following my single, “Walk In Truth,” and is produced by Dopelord Mike. In the song I display more of my singing ability where as my prior […]