Articles Posted June 2019

  • Music: Pink Pablo – “Dulcecito”

    Latin urban artist, “Pink Pablo” delivers his latest single, “Dulcecito.” Derived from the english translation, “Candy,” the track is fused with Latin Trap and  Reggae. Not afraid of creativity, Pink Pablo has always been an outside the box creator, hitting “Decline” on the call of societal expectations. Listen to, “Dulceito,” below.   Twitter: @pinkpablopr

  • JP Cali Smoov – “Brain On Drugs” Single

    LA based rapper JP Cali Smoov, has released a fire new record titled “Brain On Drugs“. Best known for his collaborations with heavy hitters DJ Quik, Wiz Khalifa, and Snoop Dogg, this MC has earned his respect. His Chicago upbringing has had a direct impact on his thriving, original sound. On this release, you will […]

  • Celeste Arrazolo: Caution (Single)

     Houston soul singer Celeste Arrazolo has released her debut single “Caution”. As someone who uses music to creativity express emotion, this songstress nailed it with this release! Her original sound can be heard throughout. “Caution” is the perfect way for Arrazolo to introduce herself to the music industry. Her daunting, sultry voice, mixed with the ethereal […]

  • Music: Kirby Maurier – “KEY$”

    Miami songstress, Kirby Maurier, shares her latest hit titled, “Key$.” Check it out below, and listen to more music from Kirby Maurier via all streaming platforms, here. Twitter: @KirbyMaurier